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GTA: Liberty City Stories [Mod Money]

The official port of GTA on android from Rockstar

GTA: Liberty City Stories [Mod Money] - The official port of GTA on android from Rockstar
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OS مطلوبة4.0
Google Play Rating★ 3 (26.7K)
يضرب اليوم76
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  • Добавлена поддержка Android 9.0 (Pie)
  • Исправлен ряд других ошибок
GTA: Liberty City Stories is the sixth game in the GTA series.
Grand Theft Auto on android- the same game that does not require submission. Most love her, some spend her whole day behind her, there are even those who bypassed her, but those who have not heard about her have not. In this part you will retu to Liberty City and will play for Tony Cipriani, in a fully three-dimensional world with updated graphics and a physics engine.
As in the rest of the GTA on the android, you will be met by a large and open world, a lot of different quests (both plot and side), amazing locations and places, lots of weapons (from brass knuckles to flamethrowers), extensive wardrobe of the main character and more than 70 campaign missions . The game is simply created to plunge into you for long hours in the exciting world of Liberty City. What do we have to do? Download GTA for free and enjoy!

Legendary Ported  Playstation
Great console level graphics
The mass of weapons, including melee weapons, pistols, machine guns, flamethrower, etc.
Familiar locations
Large selection of cars, motorcycles and technology
Favorite radio stations, change appearance
Subject campaign and a ton of minor tasks
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اخر موعد14-Feb-2019
شعبية98% (
Package namecom.rockstargames.gtalcs

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