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Grand Theft Auto: Vice City [Mod Money]

GTA Vice City for android. Port of the game in honor of the decade.

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City [Mod Money] - GTA Vice City for android. Port of the game in honor of the decade.
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OS مطلوبة7.0
Google Play Rating★ 4.06 (191.73K)
يضرب اليوم19
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After properly decompressing the /data/ cache in the "Start Game" menu -> "Load" will give you a save with a lot of money.
If you don't need it, start a new game.

ما هو الجديد

  • Compatibility with saves made in older versions of the game has been fixed.

Saves from previous version 1.10 will not work!

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City is the most popular part of the world famous GTA series, which appeared before San Andreas.

Welcome to Vice City (Miami served as the prototype for it) - a city of the 1980s with a special atmosphere! You have to play for the 35-year-old Tommy Versetti. The head of the influential Mafia group Foreley, Sonny Forelli, sent him to supervise a drug sale deal, but she suddenly collapses. When he leas about what happened, he goes berserk and demands that Tommy retu the money and goods. From this moment the game begins.

3D graphics with excellent visual style, unique gameplay, 63 main missions, a lot (not to say differently: springboards, work in city services, races, etc.) secondary, 101 types of controlled transport and attention to fine details. All this and much more made the game the best-selling in 2002. The company War Drum Studios, which is responsible for porting games to mobile devices, painstakingly transferred everything, adding only convenient touch control and optimization.

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Package namecom.rockstargames.gtavc

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