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GTA: Chinatown Wars [Mod Money]

The new part of the famous action from Rockstar.

GTA: Chinatown Wars [Mod Money] - The new part of the famous action from Rockstar.
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Google Play Rating★ 3.47 (33.9K)
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  • Бесконечные патроны, деньги.
GTA: Chinatown Wars - a new part of the famous Gran Theft Auto, officially on Android.

You are Huang Li. A descendant of the famous Chinese mafia. As a result of the assassination attempt, your father dies and you must transfer the ancient sword, the sacred family relic, to your uncle Kenny, so that the Lee family can continue to hold power over the Triad in Liberty City. Being a spoiled rich guy, you are used to the fact that everything is given to you easily and easily, as a result of which you do not notice how the object of the attack of the robbers became. They take away your ancient sword, and you are left to die in the streets of a dirty city. It's not known why, but you manage to survive. Your main goal is to retu what you have been robbed of and take revenge for the sordid honor of your name. Go on a trip to the dirtiest and most depraved city right now.

  •     A great story and a lot of side missions
  •     Large, open to explore the city, with its dangers and secrets
  •     Magnificent graphics, retuing to the origins - everything that happens you will see from above
  •     Stunning design, made in the style of a comic strip
  •     Adapted for touch screen control with the ability to add
  •     Gamepad support
  •     A huge variety of weapons, vehicles and items
  •     The official continuation of the cult series GTA (GTA)
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