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The Blockheads [много кристаллов]

Adventure arcade, made in pixel style.

The Blockheads [много кристаллов] - Adventure arcade, made in pixel style.
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The Blockheads is a pixel adventure game, in the style of the well-known Minecraft. Your hero is left alone. The night is coming and he freezes, he has nowhere to live and there is nowhere to warm up. At your disposal is a shovel and several sticks. What are you going to do? Make yourself a bed, dig out your place for spending the night, or try to light a fire?

Explore the mines, study the various directions of the craft, and build household items. You will have to go through thousands of blocks, from the beginning of the earth's crust, to the equator. Keep track of the needs of your character, because he is subject to such feelings as hunger, fatigue, drowsiness and, of course, entertainment.

Just below the ground you will find minerals and various metals, from which in the future you will be able to build various valuable objects or improve your tool.
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The Blockheads [Original] 1.7.5
The Blockheads [Много кристаллов] 1.7.5
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