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Rush Arena - Tower Defense [No Ads]

Defend the fairy kingdom in PvP strategy format with unique warriors

Rush Arena - Tower Defense [No Ads] - Defend the fairy kingdom in PvP strategy format with unique warriors
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Win at all costs

A fascinating tower defense strategy set in a fantasy world where you have to defend a tower and summon powerful warriors. It is necessary to think over a strategy for each duel, unite and call on experienced warriors, magicians and archers to prevent enemies from destroying your tower. Rush Arena - Tower Defense for Android – an excellent defensive strategy, where players will find updated battle mechanics, colorful graphics and improved fighters. The following game modes will be available to choose from: a single player story campaign, PvP in arenas and weekly challenges with valuable prizes.

Battles in colorful arenas

Defending the tower at any cost – the main task of the players. To prevent her from falling, you have to gather a collection of cards with unique characters and summon them to the battlefields in a timely manner. You can download free strategy with tower defense elements for android and take part in the defense of a fantasy kingdom. The winner is the player who, in the allotted time, manages to crush not only the enemy army, mini towers, but also the central castle. It is necessary to come up with different strategies and implement them, unite and strengthen warriors, complete quests and summon powerful heroes capable of crushing all enemies in their path.

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