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Ride Out Heroes

Royal battle in fantasy setting

Ride Out Heroes - Royal battle in fantasy setting
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OS مطلوبة4.1
Google Play Rating★ 3.73 (84.38K)
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The game does not work (neither online nor offline)! It is no longer supported by developers who disabled its server.

Ride Out Heroes - a new royal battlefor android devices with dragons, magic and dinosaurs.

You will find a huge magical world, where 100 players hunt each other for the title of the strongest and invincible tactic. You will have a variety of weapons, magical potions, armor and other useful items in your arsenal. Master unbelievable tricks, skills, attack enemies in melee or shoot from a distance with a sniper rifle, and also set up clever traps for victory. In case of loss, your character will tu into a small dragon and if you survive in this form for more than 15 seconds, your hero will rise again and continue on his way.

Here you will find comfortable controls with the help of joystick in the left side of the screen, and as you progress in the game you will open new buttons with additional, more powerful attacks. You can download the incredible royal battle of Ride Out Heroes on Android and try out this dynamic gameplay, appreciate the high-quality graphics and well-developed fantasy world. Capture futuristic cars, like a dinosaur shell, for a more comfortable movement around the game world. Show yourself as a skillful tactic in an incredible battle royale game Ride Out Heroes!

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Package namecom.netease.RideOutHeroes

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