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My Story Choose Your Own Path

Colorful visual novel with freedom of choice

My Story Choose Your Own Path - Colorful visual novel with freedom of choice
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Google Play Rating★ 4.25 (1.16M)
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My Story: Choose Your Own Path - visual novelfor android devices.

Variety of plot twists
In this fascinating interactive history you have to take under your leadership a young girl and take her through many life situations. An interesting story has been prepared for you, which is filled with unexpected twists, life troubles, difficulties, acquaintances, adventures and romantic relationships.

Choose outfits for your ward so that she can outshine all her competitors, make friends, get to know with new heroes, go on romantic dates and take part in cool parties. Walk a long way with your heroine from school love to adulthood, career building and marriage.

Your choice affects the plot
Help the girl make decisions, remember each of your choices directs the plot and changes it in a certain direction. Only on your participation depends on the ending of the story, the realization of the heroine's dreams, graduation, career and romantic relationships. Enjoy a variety of plot twists, unexpected events, interesting trials and new acquaintances. Change the appearance of the heroine according to the game event, help her become the most popular girl in school and cope with the difficulties of adulthood.
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Package nameorg.nanobit.mystory

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تحميل My Story Choose Your Own Path

My Story Choose Your Own Path 6.9
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