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LifeAfter Night falls

Realistic survival simulator in a post-apocalyptic setting

LifeAfter Night falls - Realistic survival simulator in a post-apocalyptic setting
x.d. globalشائعLالمشي آر بي جينجاةمتعددةالمحاكاة
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OS مطلوبة4.1
بحجم3.3 Gb
Google Play Rating★ 4.36 (189.58K)
يضرب اليوم4
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LifeAfter: Night falls - survival simulator for android devices.

Deadly virus
This survival simulator will delight you with incredibly high-quality graphics, realistic game elements and surroundings, an interesting storyline and an addictive gameplay. An unknown and deadly virus spread with incredible speed around the world and millions of people tued into zombies.

And now, with the advent of night, the world tus into a dangerous and sinister place, all the zombie mutants go outside and attack the few survivors. Your hero will have to survive in difficult and dangerous conditions, to escape from cold and hunger. and also find safe shelters where zombies cannot overtake him.

Explore territories
Fight off zombie attacks , go through various missions and tasks that will not let you get bored even for a minute. Explore dilapidated objects such as an abandoned college, mines, dark forest and find the resources necessary for survival. Hunt, get food, make necessary items and weapons with your own hands.

During forays out of the shelter territory, you will be able to meet other survivors, they will treat you kindly and you will gain support from each other or vice versa are aggressive, they’ll try to take away your resources and even your life. Build a camp where other survivors can take refuge from the hordes of undead, defend its territory, stock up on resources and survive.
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اخر موعد10-Nov-2022
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Package namecom.xdg.and.eu.lifeafter
Разработчикx.d. global

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LifeAfter Night falls 1.0.167
3.3 Gb
التوقيع: original
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