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King of Thieves

The long-awaited game from creators of the Cut The Rope

King of Thieves - The long-awaited game from creators of the Cut The Rope
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بحجم110.2 Mb
Google Play Rating★ 4.27 (1.3M)
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King of Thieves - a new game from the famous Russian developers. A unique blend of strategy and arcade.

The main hero of the game no less charming than Am Yum, really quite indifferent to sweets. He is very fond of gold, and especially precious stones, which steals from everybody, and adds to his chest guarded. That is our mission - to steal as much as possible, because it is based on this indicator the world rankings. Stealing can be good like real players, and passing single mission.

Despite the fact that the game is based on the philosophy of Clash of Clans, the game has its own characteristics, opportunities and interesting. Yes, you need to build a base, to stand on the perimeter of the traps and all sorts of way to protect your precious chest from encroachments, but how you do it is completely different from other existing games. You can create your own dungeon, filling it with monsters, guns, spikes and ravines. Puts everything you need for such a purpose, it would be none of the other players could not enjoy your treasures, but before you save your dungeon you need to go to him twice, in order to assure that it is possible. But the fun starts on the other side. You have to steal the gold from the other, bypassing the trap and the dungeon, and the fewer attempts you spend on it - the greater will be your reward. It looks like a platformer where you personally take control over the main thief.

As in the famous Cut The Rope, graphics and design of the game made a bright and cartoon style, great music, and the main character is very charismatic and charming. The developers managed to create something new, a different look at the PvP battle. Download King of Thieves on your android you can absolutely free. The only thing in the game there are in-game purchases that a few upsets.

For each device provides its own version of the game. If you want to keep making progress, then update the application on their own from the game!
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  • New event, new world and bug fixes.
اخر موعد26-Nov-2022
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Package namecom.zeptolab.thieves.google

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King of Thieves 2.56.1
110.2 Mb
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