مسكنمسكن/العاب اندرويدالعاب اندرويد/Ice Scream Horror Neighborhood 1.2.2 [unlocked/Adfree/Mod Menu]Ice Scream Horror Neighborhood 1.2.2 [unlocked/Adfree/Mod Menu]

Ice Scream Horror Neighborhood [unlocked/Adfree/Mod Menu]

Learn the terrifying secrets of the ice cream man

Ice Scream Horror Neighborhood [unlocked/Adfree/Mod Menu] - Learn the terrifying secrets of the ice cream man
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OS مطلوبة5.0
بحجم163.86 Mb
Google Play Rating★ 4.3 (366K)
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Removed ad display; Hints are open (in the original they are available for watching promotional videos); After starting the game, click on the round button in the upper left to open the menu mod, in which you can enable immortality.
Ice Scream: Horror Neighborhood - horror questfor android devices.

Uncover the secrets
This addictive and interesting horror quest is perfect for gamers of any age to while away their free time. There are no terrifying and bloody scenes in this game, only an atmosphere of secrets, mysticism and mysteries. You witnessed incredible events when an ice cream truck drove into your area. Your cheerful and chubby friend wanted to get a sweet treat, but instead the ice cream man froze him with the help of an incomprehensible force and kidnapped him. Now it's up to you to conduct your own investigation to save your friend and expose the ice cream man. 

Solve puzzles
You you will have to sneak into the ice cream van and visit important locations for him, which will help you lea the most terrifying secrets of this creature. Along the way, solve puzzles to open access to a new location and interesting finds. Can you outsmart the ice cream man who hears your every move? Also in the game there are several difficulty modes, which will give an opportunity to test their skills for both small and very brave gamers.
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You can download and install Ice Scream Horror Neighborhood [unlocked/Adfree/Mod Menu] on your computer using Google Play Games

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Bugs fixed.
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Package namecom.keplerians.icescream

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