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ExaGear Strategies

Emulator Heroes (Heroes of Might and Magic) 3 and other strategies from the PC

ExaGear Strategies - Emulator Heroes (Heroes of Might and Magic) 3 and other strategies from the PC
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ExaGear Strategies is an emulator of computer games with the adapted for touch screen control. At the moment you can download: Heroes of Might and Magic 3 (Heroes of Might and Magic 3) - a legendary tu-based strategy with elements of tactics of the last decade. According to many considered the best game in the series. The player plays for heroes who have troops. Capturing all kinds of objects and getting resources for it, which can be spent on improving locks or buying new creatures, it is necessary to capture all the enemy castles. The Hot Shot mode allows you to challenge seven friends on the same device.

The laid out cache is a licensed Full Edition in Russian, which includes campaigns from all parts - the Breath of Death, the Renaissance of Erathia and the Armageddon Blade - and all units and artifacts.

The game cache should be unpacked in the ExaGear folder, which appears in the root of the SD-card after the first start of the emulator, and the main one - according to the instructions below.

Android OS
Open GL
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Android TV
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كيفية عمل التحديث ExaGear Strategies

  1. لتحديث التطبيق ، ثبّت الإصدار الجديد من التطبيق على (بدون حذف) الإصدار القديم.
  2. لن يكون هذا التحديث ممكنًا إلا إذا تم تنزيل الإصدار السابق من التطبيق منا. خلاف ذلك ، سيكون هناك تعارض في التوقيع وسترى الرسالة "التطبيق غير مثبت".
  3. لمعرفة ماهية "التوقيعات" وما الغرض منها ، اقرأ هنا.

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