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CDO2:Dungeon Defense

An exciting strategy game in the world of dungeons

CDO2:Dungeon Defense - An exciting strategy game in the world of dungeons
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غير متصل على الانترنتشائعCممرإستراتيجيةدفاع برج
OS مطلوبة7.0
بحجم797.85 Mb
Google Play Rating★ 4.14 (2.12K)
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Role of the villain
Quite an entertaining strategy for Android that will invite you to immerse yourself into the world of dungeons, but in CDO2:Dungeon Defense you will explore them from a completely new angle. You will act not as a hero, but as a real villain who controls bosses, traps, passages and other dangerous aspects that cause serious problems for dungeon explorers. Do you have enough experience and skills to keep the heroes from going through the dungeon for as long as possible?

Hero Destruction
CDO2:Dungeon Defense features over 90 unique creatures that will defend the dungeon, using their roles wisely, you will be able to create balanced monster squads and fight the enemy. Also at your disposal will be more than 30 types of totems, about 90 relics and at least 80 sets of equipment, combining which you can defeat any enemy. You can download the strategy game for free on androidand enjoy random events, daily quests, achievements, artifacts and unique items, as well as great gameplay that all strategy fans will enjoy.

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You can download and install CDO2:Dungeon Defense on your computer using Google Play Games

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Package namecom.BraveBeginners.CDO2

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CDO2:Dungeon Defense 00.48.02
797.85 Mb
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