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High quality multiplayer action

Badlanders - High quality multiplayer action
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OS مطلوبة4.3
بحجم941.85 Mb
Google Play Rating★ 3.53 (99.6K)
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Badlanders - multiplayer action for android devices.

Incredibly high quality Battle Royale
A beautiful and addictive game that will appeal not only to fans of cult PUBG, Fortnite and COD Mobile, but it will also be able to give new impressions even to old-school gamers! In Badlanders, you will find yourself in the not too distant future, on the ruins of a once great civilization and take part in epic battles with players from all over the world for the right to wield the most advanced weapons. The Sanctuary on Red Beach is the place where you can get the best weapons, it is here that you will have to fight for valuable treasures.

Breathtaking gameplay
On the battlefield, you will face 25 players, each with their own, individual task, but there is also a common goal: not to give the opponent the opportunity to pick up the loot and at the same time try to collect as large an arsenal as possible in the chests, scattered around the map. Dynamic gameplay, realistic physics of weapon behavior, high-quality 3D graphics, mode and most importantly user-friendly interface, coupled with easy-to-lea controls will give you a completely new experience in the genre of action games!
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You can download and install Badlanders on your computer using Google Play Games

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Badlanders 1.7
941.85 Mb
التوقيع: original
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