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LEGO City My City

A collection of colorful mini-games in a small LEGO-city

LEGO City My City - A collection of colorful mini-games in a small LEGO-city
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LEGO City My City is a collection of mini-games with a simple, but not boring and fascinating storyline. The game LEGO City My City for Android has a simple and easy control thanks to which children can play it without your help.

When you start the game, you will see a whole LEGO-city in front of you, which contains a large number of different tasks, each of which is available for passing and does not require unlocking. Each of the tasks is unique and has its own gameplay. For example, in the first task, participating in a sports race, you must come first to the finish line using, as a control, only tapas on the screen, in the second, playing as a police officer, grab the criminals running away from you, in the third one - to get on the tow truck destination using an accelerometer or driving a fireplug, to extinguish the fires in a high-rise building.

As for the graphics, from the very first minutes it is able to attract attention, even if adults, and children, even more so.
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LEGO City My City
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